Is it possible to capture dreams?
Every child is born with an untamed imagination. Kids can spend countless hours pretending to be their favorite superheroes, working in their desired profession or flying an airplane and may never get tired of their adventures.

Sometimes they dance with the fairies, and at other times they save the earth from the evil monsters.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could watch these great dreams and capture them to watch again in the future?

All kids can be super stars now!
mymovie is a brand new concept, which creates professional short movies and cartoons that your kid is starring in. All they need to do are a few simple acts like singing, dancing, clapping or speaking out a few short lines.

Their first movie, an unforgettable souvenir!
They will experience a funny adventure during the filming and you will have a charming movie starring your own child!

Wouldn’t it be great to watch this movie with your grandchildren?

Who knows? These could well be the first steps to make a real star out of your child...

Sample Movies:

Massive Show - Aditya (5 years old)

TROX - Agnik (7 years old)

Rainbow Fairy - Krutji (5 years old)

Christmas wish - Wayne (4 years old)

Shadow Puppets (Turkish)