We are a full-service game developer that makes games for clients as well as ourselves, and everything is carefully handcrafted in-house to be sure we deliver the best game possible to our customers.

www.potoq.com was founded in 2000 as online game portal. We've designed and developed single and multiplayer online games for potoq. After a while this game portal evolved and gave its name to our Creative Agency.

Potoq Creative is pioneering GAMING, ADVERGAMING and EDUGAMING. With our ground breaking ideas and originality, we create games that will amaze you.

Utilizing the latest technologies available and armed with top notch creativity,

We provide games and apps for the following platforms:

  • PC and Mac
  • Online and Social Networking
  • Symbian devices and smart phones
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod

Our success and livelihood comes from making games that people want to play. If you are a gamer, thank you! Because of you we can continue to make games that hopefully you’ll want to play.