Our Philosophy

Potoq Creative is dedicated to providing the best in agency creativity with an in-house level of service. This exceptional commitment to our client's satisfaction is reflected by our long-standing client relationships, many of which began with our founding and continue today.

Our purpose is to provide every member of the Potoq Creative team with the opportunity to be leaders in their field by creating a work environment that centers on innovation, results and integrity. We also believe that we can make a positive difference for the community through active involvement.

Finally, we create long-term relationships with our clients by keeping a watchful eye on the future and recognizing that the most successful programs are built upon loyalty and trust.

  • We will adapt to your needs.
  • We believe any organization, large or small, for-profit or non-, should have access to a skilled design team who can tailor their services to suit the content, the medium and the budget.
  • We believe every client offers us an opportunity to learn something, whether that's gaining fresh insight on an old problem or developing a new skill set we never knew we had.
  • We believe every project is a challenge to be overcome, a riddle to be solved. This requires a fresh strategy and approach, each and every time. While standards and procedures have their place, applying a cookie-cutter solution satisfies no one and often causes more problems than it solves.
  • We believe every design problem has many solutions, some better than others. The best of these occur at the convergence of three factors: effective communication built on mutual respect, well defined scope and goals, and genuine interest.
  • We believe arrogance and pretentiousness belong on the runway. There is nothing more toxic to a design project than designers or agencies who think they're something special.